Saturday 29 May 2010

QSL Card

Today I received a QSL card direct from Daniel, HB9TUD along with a nice note. As well as the card the envelope contained something I have not seen for a long time- An International Reply Coupon or IRC. It will be interesting to see if my local post office knows what it is- it is intended to cover the cost of an airmail reply. IRCs were, as I recall, almost a sort of currency at one time in the amateur radio/shortwave listening world. Also compliments must go to the Post Office who managed to deliver the card despite a rather incomplete address!


  1. Steve, GW7AAV didn't have much luck with an IRC, apparently.

  2. That is one really nice QSL card Kevin. That will look great in your collection. 73 Adam

  3. Hello Kevin, it has been a long time I saw a IRC myself. I think it was in the seventies. ;-) 73 Paul