Thursday 13 May 2010

6 metre activity

I was in the shack a lttle earlier than usual today and had a quick look at the Ham Radio Ireland blog and noticed a recent entry saying that 6 metres was open in EI land. I quickly popped onto 6- at around 1530 GMT  and realised it was also open to GW with quite a few European stations at good signal strengths on my loft mounted dipole.

I managed to work SP3DOI, and was heard by OK1NI, but sadly he couldn't quite get my callsign.My time was limited as I had to be elsewhere by 1600GMT, I think if time had allowed I would have been able to work a few more. Still it was nice to have my first 6 metre contact of 2010.
I think it would be fair to say SP3DOI has quite an extensive setup and its not surprising that he was the strongest signal on the band this afternoon. Pictured is part of his HF antenna installation.


  1. Congratulations on your first 6 meter contact this year. We've had a few openings here in the US, but it's been fairly slow so far.


  2. Hello Kevin, no great achievements here on 6 meter. I do have a bad SWR on 6 meter SSB part of the band. My SWR is good at 50.400 MHz. One strange thing is, though bad SWR in the lower part of the band, there is no RF foldback. My output stays the same (FT450). I don't know if I destroy my finals eventually when I go on like this. 73, Paul