Thursday, 3 February 2011

First Step in CW

Fellow blogger and local Radio amateur MW0IAN drew my attention to a range of frequencies around 3570 on 80 metres where slow(ish) CW QSOs were to be found. I set up my TS830s this evening on that frequency and was monitoring when I heard a very strong station calling CQ. It was none other than MW0IAN himself! Well I had no excuse, he was sending at a speed I could read, nice clear CW and a strong signal. I had to reply. We had a short but enjoyable CW QSO, my first on that mode for over 20 years!
I felt it was a step in the right direction, I will be a little less nervous with my next contact on the key now that I have broken the ice so to speak
Pictured below is my CW station. Note the straight key- I need quite a bit more practice before I consider using the paddle.

Anyway thanks Ian for the contact, i don't suppose we broke any DX records- probably no more than 1km between us-but it certainly helped my CW progress.


  1. Hi Kevin, well done, best way to learn CW is just doing it on HF. Today I was training myself in using the straight key. I didn't use it for years, so I have to practise again. Good luck, 73 Paul

  2. Hello Kevin,

    Using CW is great.
    When I started as a HAM I used homebrew, CW and QRP on 7 MHz. Just use CW and you will have much fun.
    GL in CW,
    37, Bert PA1B

  3. Hi Kevin:
    As I have probably said before - CW is the only way to go, Digi is ok but I always have CW running here in the shack when I'm doing something, interestingly - that way you learn to "Read" it NOT write it ! it comes on in leaps and bounds, just keep at it.
    GL with it anyway 73 Peter

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  6. Ian,

    No problems. your CW was nice and clear so I wasn't struggling. I find after a while I seem to get more problems sending rather than receiving!

    73 Kevin